FATTY CHAIN a dance series for everyone from 5 years onwards



Of course, the current hygiene regulations are observed, because your and our health is important to us.

Programme series Querfeldein

Fatty Chain | a round dance for all from 5 years onwards

Side by side, behind each other, around in a circle - hands held out,...


A family dance piece

Pffhhh… – A rubber dance play

A dance and sound performance for everyone from 3 years onwards

Buckets of Feeling!

A Dance- and Music Performance for audience 2 years and older

Piece of paper

A dance concert for onlookers from 1-99 years old


A dance and sound performance for everyone in the age from 0 – 4 years

tanzfuchs on tour!

tanzfuchs on Tour!

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Fatty Chain | a round dance for all from 5 years onwards

Side by side, behind each other, around in a circle - hands held out,...

About us

„tanzfuchs PRODUKTION is looking for new strategies to develop a theatre for an intergenerational and intercultural audience…”


The works of tanzfuchs PRODUKTION stand for innovative, interdisciplinary dance theatre art for an intergenerational audience. In their productions, choreographer Barbara Fuchs and composer Jörg Ritzenhoff open up and explore new artistic spaces at the interface between acoustics and dance.



“It is a small masterpiece for children and adults, created here in the calculated din of the paper jungle.”

CHOICES, Thomas Linden

“Everyone has their own physical aura, you experience the authenticity of the lively primary school children as well as the self-consciousness of the young teenagers or the elegance of the dancer Sonia Mota.”

Choices, Stadtmagazin

“Can you do dance theatre for children as young as three? Yes, it can work, and so well that even the adults are amazed. This is dance for beautiful feet and clever minds.”

Kölnische Rundschau

“Buckets of Feeling!” offers high professionalism with casual charm.

CHOICES, Stadtmagazin

“This creates a stylish staging in which discoveries can be made again with each picture. The joy of the new in the world – which sets in with the first ray of sunshine and calls for new challenges – always remains palpable.”

Kölnische Rundschau

Queen of the rubber world

“She wakes up in a bed of rubber, starts a poetic performance with rubber tyres and bicycle inner tubes and becomes, among other things, the queen of this freely designable space. In the studio of the theatre it squeaks and whistles, by means of a loop machine the rubber girl creates the appropriate sound cosmos for herself, which manages without words.”

Neue Westfälische, Paderborn 23.11.2017


Fatty Chain 

[Barbara Fuchs] “has worked her way through just about every conceivable form of the round dance that has arisen over the centuries. To create such a choreography is in itself worthy of an award. But what the performers achieve exceeds the ingenuity once again in physical performance. […] and so an overall impression of perfection is created that is impressive.”

Michael Zerban on O-Ton

Barbara Fuchs


“QUERFELDEIN leaves the beaten track and breaks new ground to find a direct and playful way from dance artists to young visitors – right through the still unexplored terrain, in other words: querfeldein!”

- Barbara Fuchs