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ehrenfeldstudios e.V.

The non-profit association ehrenfeldstudios e.V. works for the visibility of the performing arts – especially dance – in the Ehrenfeld neighborhood, in Cologne and beyond. The artistic focus is on interdisciplinary and intergenerational works in the fields of dance and performance.

The ehrenfeldstudios offer themselves as a suitable meeting place for a young, intercultural audience and stand for artistic works that create a place for the urban society through their diversity. All age groups are invited to make their own experiences on site, to exchange ideas and to enter into a lively dialogue. The ehrenfeldstudios present invited guest performances and in-house productions for children, young people, neighbors, seniors and interested theater lovers. Children, young people and adults can also become active themselves and take part in workshops in mediation formats such as Dabei or Querfeld-rein und Querfeld-raus. The ehrenfeldstudios understand art as a space for action that can be experienced through encounters, which explicitly promotes the development of dance art. The ehrenfeldstudios are anchored in Cologne and at the same time internationally networked, according to the motto “think global – act local”.

The ehrenfeldstudios e. V. are intergenerational, interdisciplinary and inclusive.

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FELD Theatre for Young Audiences in Berlin

FELD is an artistic place for communication in Berlin. The artists of FELD understand their work as an equal dialogue with people who come from Berlin or are new to the city. Together with children, neighbors, senior citizens, and market visitors from Winterfeldtplatz, they work artistically on lively topics relevant to everyday life. Through its open, diverse view of people, FELD creates theater for everyone. The plays for young audiences often have to do with the lifeworld of adults. FELD connects generations. FELD makes theater for the very young, for example with the project “Feldmäuse auf Wanderschaft” (Field Mice on the Move). Play and dance with actors and dancers are the crumbs for small children who set out to discover theater life. Theater for everyone! The production “mitfühl und ohne”, for example, addresses children with and without hearing impairments. The intergenerational and international works as well as the participatory projects are based on the desire to work inclusively.

FELD as a platform for artists* and as a place for artistic research for play, dance and music. In addition, FELD locates itself in the field of tension between art and nature in urban society, takes up topics such as the environment, climate, sustainability and the future and works on them artistically.

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tanzhaus nrw

Located in a former Düsseldorf tram depot, the tanzhaus nrw has developed into an international center for contemporary dance with eight dance and rehearsal studios and two stages. With 4,000 square meters of space, it is both a performance and production venue as well as an academy with more than 4,000 visitors each week. Originating from the “Werkstatt”, founded in 1978 and directed by Bettina Masuch since 2014, the house has developed into an internationally highly respected cultural institution. Non-professional and professional dancers, choreographers and artists of other genres represent what the house is all about: the collaborative experience of dance under the roof of a single institution. The separation of high, sub and socio-culture is overcome in the tanzhaus nrw. The central concern is the creative examination of the human body and its role in contemporary societies.

The “Junge tanzhaus nrw” presents a diverse stage program for young audiences: The program series Little Monsters addresses children and leaves the restriction up (and down) open, because: A convincing production inspires its audience even beyond a certain biological age. The Melancholy & Muscles series, on the other hand, bundles plays that thematically and aesthetically address a youthful audience.

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Consol Theater, Gelsenkirchen

The Consol Theater is part of the “kultur.gebiet CONSOL” on the former Consolidation coal mine site in Gelsenkirchen-Bismarck. Since opening in 2001, the house has developed into a lively theater with a great responsibility for cultural education and the social interaction of people of different ages and origins. The Consol Theater’s often award-winning productions deal concretely with the realities of life for the mostly young audience. Each season, the theater develops about three new productions for different age groups. The plays are not only performed in the theater’s repertoire, but also go on tour at home and abroad.

Making theater not only for Gelsenkirchen’s citizens, but also with them, is the central idea of the Volxbühne at the Consol Theater. Keywords such as participation or self-empowerment are implemented in artistic projects at the Consol Theater. Amateurs from all over the region always work together with professional directors, theater educators and musicians. In numerous (social) educational projects, such as the annual language camp or the 10-month vocational qualification program !STAGE, young people are given new perspectives for their own lives by means of theater. Since 2001, more than 140 young people have found orientation for their future lives between school and work through the means of theater.

In addition, the Consol Theater has become a second home for many Gelsenkirchen institutions, from the music school to the jazz initiative.

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Tonhalle Düsseldorf

With more than 450 concerts and over 300,000 spectators each year, the TONHALLE in Düsseldorf is not only the home of the Düsseldorf Symphony Orchestra, but a forum for culture and a place for encounters.

In 2009, Barbara Fuchs launched the “Himmelblau – für die Allerkleinsten” series. Today, the Kleine Tonhalle offers musical experiences that are tailored to the needs of all children up to two years of age and provide a unique interaction between artists and audience.

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tanzfuchs PRODUKTION is a member of the International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People ASSITEJ 

Barbara Fuchs is a co-founder and member of the Young Dance Network
a global network for exchange

Our online campaign for Assitej World Day on March 20, 2024:

“Take a child to theatre so they can hear, see, feel, think and imagine!”