A mobile thread game ...

Schlalalalaufen | Consol Theater – Gelsenkirchen

Street cradle cat’s eye, run sneak loop: Here everything runs on a string, a dancer and a dancer, up and down, criss-cross. They stretch strings, wind and tangle themselves and others, spin patterns and paths and lead the spectators through ever-changing landscapes.

The thread games known in many cultures are the basis of inspiration for this mobile dance piece. From the hands they are transferred to other parts of the body and the audience is also included to play the whole space.  Patterns are given and received, something falls, something works, everything transforms and everyone is connected to everyone else.

It is a fun, collaborative piece that encourages complex movement and collective thinking.

“Schlalalaufen” is a production of Consol Theater, Gelsenkirchen. PREMIERE was on May 3rd 2020.



with: Alina Reissmann and Minju Kim | Direction and Set Design: Barbara Fuchs | Music: Jörg Ritzenhoff | Dramaturgy: Sylvie Ebelt | Theatre pedagogy: Barbara Grubenbecher