Scenic dance miniatures ...

“Paths are created by walking them”. (Franz Kafka).

Scenic dance miniatures by Barbara Fuchs, Ilona Pászthy and Suna Göncü.

VIA is the first result of the Barnes Bridge project series of the Barnes Crossing choreographers’ network. The choreographers Barbara Fuchs, Ilona Pászthy and Suna Göncü embark on their individual search for different layers of walking. The idea of the Barnes Bridge project is to invite artists from other disciplines to work on a common theme on an equal footing with the choreographers. This time the artist Ruth Prangen could be won for the stage design and the electronic scenography.

The three scenic dance miniatures thus created illuminate the spectrum from physis to metaphysis of the path in a very personal way.

VIA I, a dance miniature by Barbara Fuchs, illuminates the physis of the path. A metaphorical feat of strength of a being that is making its way and encounters an obstacle.

Premiere 12.05.07 as part of the festival Tanz NRW 07 at the Studiobühne Cologne.



Choreography & Dance: Barbara Fuchs
Stage: Ruth Prangen
Music: Markus Reyhani
Costumes: Sabine Kreiter
Light: Jürgen Kapitein
Dramaturgy: Koni Hanft
Production Management: Gustavo Fijalkow

Photo: Jürgen Laubhold

A production from Barnes Crossing Choreographer-Network 

Supported by Ministerpräsidenten des Landes Nordrhein Westfalen, Kunststiftung NRW, SK Stiftung Kultur Förderprogramm, Koehler Papier Group


NICOLE STRECKER, Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger 13.05.07

Switched on at last
Between the familiar and the new, many pleasant things happened in Cologne.

“I’m kind of on standby,” murmurs a dancer in Parisa Karimi’s dance film “Zwischenwelten”. Cologne’s independent dance scene also feels like it’s on “standby” again and again. And finally the city has “switched on” and given its busy scene a festival: “Tanz NRW 07” was actually a cooperation with six other cities, but Cologne took a special route and created its festival within the festival. Event followed event, one squeezed into sold-out venues, encountered the familiar and the completely new.

Take “Via”, for example. The choreographers’ collective Barnes Crossing had been quiet recently, but “Via” showed that they had quietly developed further, in some cases considerably. At the start of the three-part production, Barbara Fuchs smoked across the stage as if various insects had entered into a symbiosis in her body – a feat of strength that she celebrated with incredible brilliance. With Ilona Pászthy, the effort continued in a completely different way: with her, one falls into a nightmare: running, running, running – and yet never moving from the spot. Her arms row, her upper body is tense, but her legs stick to the floor as if paralysed.