Piece 2307,5
A dance fiction ...
PIECE 2307,5 is the final production of a trilogy which meets with a film genre in dance. The first part The Dance Crime, is a dance thriller deals with the murderous addiction to dance. The second part EXITUS, is a satire of a horror film about the dancer’s death. The third part is a design of a dance utopia.

The premiere of “2307,5” took place on 3. November 2006 at the Orangerie Theatre in Cologne.


Concept and Idea: Barbara Fuchs
Choreography and Dance: Erika Winkler and Barbara Fuchs
Music: Ritzenhoff
Video, Light: Horst Mühlberger
Stage, Light: Marco Wehrspann
Costumes: Sabine Kreiter
Supervision: Carla de Andrade Hurst
Dramaturgy: Odile Foehl

Photo: Lucia Lommel

Co-production: Barnes Crossing | Choreographers Network and Consol Theater, Gelsenkirchen

Press quotes:

Nicole Strecker, Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, 07.11.2006

[…] Universe, space. We’re at stardate 2307.5 – and let’s see what the dance is all about at this point: Two creatures lie on the ground, a strip of light passes over them like a radar screen or a photocopier. When the two creatures signal life, they do so with the reduction of two unicellular organisms. In fact, “piece 2307.5”, the new choreography by Barbara Fuchs, is like looking into a microscope over long distances. Two strikingly long bodies that gently slide across the floor until they come to rest on top of each other. When they perform more complex movements, they always somehow get it wrong: joints shift in irritating directions, elbows grow out between the backs of the knees – the whole body seems to be wrongly constructed. Barbara Fuchs herself and the impressive dancer Erika Winkler crawl around as futuristic bodies in this dance science fiction. Marco Wehrspann’s light creates fantastic moods: sometimes a green-blue wafting as if on the ocean floor, sometimes bright red laser structures that only show the outlines of the bodies. Constant metamorphoses in a precisely timed dance installation in which high-tech, nature and science combine in a very peculiar way. […]

Christina Grolmuss, CRITIC CAMPUS WEB 05.11.2006

Ouantenphysik – abstract and innovative brought on stage

TanzKonkret promises a journey through the galaxies in the Orangery

“With “Stück 2307,5 – eine Tanz-Fiktion” ends a remarkable trilogy that deals with the fusion of dance and film genres. This dance utopia, created by director and dancer Barbara Fuchs, is about the arduous journey of two subatomic particles that have to assert themselves against gigantic gravitational waves and quivering ion storms in the endless tangle of the universe. They have to endure agonizing light years of danger until they find the long awaited way out in a narrow subspace tunnel.”