Out of the house
Dance theatre for children from 2 years on ...
Each day consists of an unending chain of great adventures – even odds and end like a branch on the way can be a discovery, a beetle even a sensation. The two performer invites their audience to share this exciting way. Getting out of bed. Quickly to the bathroom. Shirt on, pants, done. And now they want to get out, get out of the house. Now, discover the world. First of all carefully, because no one knows what will happen. Maybe there is a cow? Or another animal? A pig, big or small? Or even a mouse hiding there behind the house?

Ingeborg von Zadow wrote a piece for the very smallest, full of puns and funny rhymes and surprising discoveries.

The premiere of “Out of the house” took place on 14. April 2012 in COMEDIA Theatre Cologne.


Directed by Barbara Fuchs
Dance/Act: Svenja Niekerken, Laura Virgillito
Music: Jörg Ritzenhoff
Stage & Costume Design: Barbara Fuchs
Author: Ingeborg von Zadow


A Production of Comedia Theater Köln in Coproduktion with tanzfuchs PRODUKTION/Barbara Fuchs
Founded by: Land NRW im Rahmen von Workspace

Press Quotes

Pure Pleasure

Ingeborg von Zadows new piece „Out of the house!”, choreographed by Barbara Fuchs and her ensemble shows how cross over dance-theater for children aged 2+ can work – with easiness and enthusiasm

“… That´s really funny and sometimes impressive acrobatic. Both performers reflect the feeling cosmos of two year old children: insecurity and courage, foolishness and cowardice, always aided by the sounds and music of Jörg Ritzenhoff. Definitly a piece for the small audience but also for their grown up companions….” (CHRISTINA GATH, aKT-cologne theatremagazin/May2012)

“…Actually a play with a text, which sounds almost like a song, Barbara Fuchs creates with the music by Jörg Ritzenhoff a own (movement) world. “Can you dance while you are sleeping? Yes, that’s possible, because sleep has no to be a hidden matter. In the Comedia the both actors Inne Svenja Niekerken and Laura Virgillito sleep at least on 46 mattresses and sometimes they rest even as bread slices on each tower high….” (Thomas Linden, Choices-culture in nrw-April2012)