Max always wants to kiss
A Jungle Cuddle Adventure (3+) ...
Max always wants to kiss! Day in, day out, he is on the lookout. The lively butterfly doesn’t like it at all. Neither does the giant elephant and the crocodile looks puzzled at the sight of Max’s pointed lips. Because Max is a gorilla! He doesn’t understand at all why the animals of the jungle don’t love kissing as much as he does. For him, kissing is a real joy! But then suddenly a voice asks the only right question – and Max realises that everything beautiful between two beings becomes even more beautiful when both want it from the heart …
Barbara Fuchs’ choreography plays with the naivety and sensitivity of the two main characters and makes rapprochement a major theme.


Director/Choreography. Barbara Fuchs
Performance: Arthur Schopa, Emily Welther
Set design: Sabine Kreiter
Music: Jörg Ritzenhoff
Dramaturgy: Maren van Severen


Press quotes

I think I’m being smooched by a monkey

[…] There is loud laughter, commentary and giggles […]. The adult companions, […] however, were no less amused. (Christian Bos, Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, 2016)