double exposed
Dance Performance ...

A dancer holds her body under a microscope and observes, sums up. Not tragically, but rather amusedly, elbows, knees and rumps tell anecdotes.
The premiere of “double exposed” took place on 28 March 2003 at the Bürgerzentrum Stollwerk as part of tanzHautNah.


Dramaturgy: Andrea Kramner
Choreography, Performance: Barbara Fuchs
Light: Marco Wehrspann
Voice: Andrea Kramer


Klaus Keil, Cologne City Gazette
An idiosyncratic view of blemishes

[…] In “double exposed” Barbara Fuchs presents herself as a commodity “dancer” with a limited shelf life. She dances lovingly and critically according to an instruction manual that is spoken from offstage. Ready for comedy, she presents the model of classical, modern and new dance. Opportunity enough for her to show off her excellent dancing qualities. When finally the “safety instructions” speak of joint wear and missing night supplements, the piece coagulates into a successful real satire in terms of dance and content. […]

Nicole Strecker, Kölner Rundschau

[…] But when she first makes the model perform pirouettes, arabesques or modern dance expressiveness with convoluted calculations, a very successful choreography also inspires in this crazy dance theatre. You don’t want to miss a second of this dense, weird, much too short solo “illuminated”. It is a comic highlight in this three-part evening of the series tanzhautnah. […]