Family play about sound and listening by Barbara Fuchs, Jörg Ritzenhoff & Ensemble ...

Pssssssssssssst! Quietly … is there a sound? Is there any noise? Silence. On silent soles, two eavesdropping experts take us on an exciting journey of discovery. They investigate and explore whether we can also see sounds. What might a sound look like? What does water sound like and what color is a song? Can you dance with fish and jump with snow? In this humorous experimental arrangement between nature, technology, music and dance theater, the youngest audience members and their adult companions become scientists in the realm of sounds: Be all ears!

Director Barbara Fuchs / tanzfuchs PRODUCTION Stage & Music Jörg Ritzenhoff Costumes Barbara Fuchs Dramaturgy Meike Sasse With Sarah Siri Lee König, Jonas Pätzold

Psssst! – Schau mal, ein Geräusch