I am a tree | Eliisa Erävalo (Sweden/Finland) 
A choreographic performance for the whole family for everyone from the age of three  
10 December 2022 I 2 pm
11 December 2022 I 11 am+ 4 pm

at ehrenfeldstudios, Cologne ...

What makes us humans different from the trees in a forest? Can trees hear us? Do trees have feelings? “I am a tree” is an artificial experience of nature in which children become co-creators. The performance invites them to think together about nature and its functions. How do we live in nature, how do we imitate processes from nature? What would it be like to be a tree, an ocean or an insect? And what is it actually like to be a plastic flower?

Concept, Direction + Choreography Tatu Hämäläinen & Eliisa Erävalo Performance Eliisa Erävalo Visual design Chrisander Brun Music + Sound Pekka Tuppurainen  Dramaturgy Tora von Platen Production Kaveri Collective Original production Uusi Teatteri Producer Minttu Jäävuori