Piece 2307,5

PIECE 2307,5 is the final production of a trilogy which meets with a film genre in dance. The first part The Dance Crime, is a dance thriller deals with the murderous addiction to dance. The second part EXITUS, is a satire of a horror film about the dancer’s death. The third part is a design of a dance utopia.

Concept and Idea: Barbara Fuchs
Choreography and Dance: Erika Winkler and Barbara Fuchs
Music: Ritzenhoff
Video, Light: Horst Mühlberger
Stage, Light: Marco Wehrspann
Costumes: Sabine Kreiter
Supervision: Carla de Andrade Hurst
Dramaturgy: Odile Foehl

Co-production: Barnes Crossing | Choreographers Network and Consol Theater, Gelsenkirchen


Photos: © Lucia Lommel


Nicole Strecker, Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger 6.11.2006

„Dance: „piece 2307,5“ of Barbara Fuchs, …, - Space, the final frontier….We are located in stardate 2307,5…. , Two longilineal Bodies moving smooth over the stage…, for the audience it´s like a view into a microscope. … Joints are moving in a confusing way, …the hole body is looking like wrong constructed….

The lightdesign of Marco Wehrspann creates a phantastic atmosphere. …
Constant metamorphose in an exact danceinstalation – a mixture of dance, hightec, nature and science are coming together.”

Christina Grolmuss, KRITIK CAMPUS WEB 05.11.2006

Brought to the stage abstract and innovative – Ouantenphysik
After the first two parts "Tanztat" and "Exitus" Barbara Fuchs continued her triology very succesfull with the new piece "Piece 2307.5". The audience wonders and thinks.
Following a Bertolt Brecht quote she wants to provoke with her body and movements, so the audience has to accept the self-evident in order to arouse the curiosity of the viewers.