it - solo for one body

Premier: february 2008, Arcadas Theater, Cologne

„Where do you want to live?” “In the house of Hansel and Gretel.” “ What is your greatest joy?” “When my cats sing for me.”  “Which characteristics do you appreciate in a man?” “Female.” “ In  a woman?” “Male.” “ What do you want to be?” “ A white tiger."(Interview with Leonor Fini)

Intersexuality, the third sex: A search for identity. It is neither he nor she. Neither masculine nor feminine. Neither nor or as well as? The neutrum, the neutral. What form does it take? By disguising the multicolored or illustrating its colorfulness? Is it the undetermined, the hidden; the passive? The androgynous, a picture puzzle in which one searches for masculinity and femininity? It is between the worlds. It exists somewhere between man and woman, between old and young, beautiful and ugly, black and white, dead or alive. Nominated for the Cologne dance award 2008 this solo uses 1500 post-its on the stage floor to convey the key ideas and to investigate “featurelessness” thereby exposing haunting physicality realities.

It“ is the fourth solo-work choreographed by Barbara Fuchs. Her work („double-exposed“, „VIA“ and „tanztat“) has been nominated for and awarded various dance and theatre prizes.



Photos: © Lucia Lommel

Dance, Choreography, Stage Design: Barbara Fuchs

Music: Jörg Ritzenhoff

Lighting Design: Horst Mühlberger

Foundet by: Kulturamt der Stadt Köln and Ministerpräsidenten des Landes NRW, Coproduced by Choreographen-Netzwerk BARNES CROSSING.


Honored with the Jury- and audience-award of the international SoloDuoFestival 2010, Budapest, Hungary

Report of the Jury:

Barbara Fuchs opened a door to our own imaginations. The skirt as the only stage prop was used in a most appropriate way. Through the lines of her body and her thoughts she gave a present to us in the form of compact and sensitive pictures of the human being. The performer could create the most beautiful shapes with her simplicity and could take us over to obvious unknown places. 

The dancer/choreographer’s precision is very impressive. She retains an aesthetic control and quiet humour. In searching for the limits of identity there is an erotic note, in the mature manner in which the possibilities are explored in which the body can withdraw itself from any definition.

(Kölnische Rundschau 23.02.2008)