a tragicomedy about dance, Death and the Devil 

Exitus is a production by Barbara Fuchs in collaboration with the dancer and choreographer Koni Hanft. It creates worlds and stories from songs and dances, pictures and dialogues, musics and voices, which take us into an infernal suicide mission.

Concept and idea: Barbara Fuchs
Dance / Choreography: Koni Hanft and Barbara Fuchs
Dramaturgy / Video: Carla de Andrade Hurst
Video / Stage: Marco Wehrspann
Costumes: Sabine Kreiter

“You never go so far
in a play which always stays in you
and accompanies us everywhere we go.
Then we must carry on
even how difficult it can be for us.
From now on.”

Premiere on the 28th October 2005 within the series “Tanzhautnah” in the Bürgerhaus Stollwerck. 
Supported by the Kulturamt der Stadt Köln, die Kunststiftung NRW, die SK Stiftung Kultur, tanzhautnah and the kölner tanzagentur.



Photos: © Wolfgang Weimer


Thomas Linden, Kölner Rundschau

“An intelligent, courageous production...”


Nicole Strecker, Kölner StadtRevue

““Exitus” also explains the mystification of dance which is almost like a religion in the scene.”