DIS_ORDER neural fields study

The third and final part of the cycle (GE) – (FÜHL) – (LOS)/ (UN) – (FEEL) – (ING) approaches in a performative and tonal space staging the chaos, disorder, confusion and anomalies.

Intimate voices, simulated systems of order, lack of distance and physical discharges:

DIS_ORDER - a flickering net of acoustic and physical activity.

In DIS_ORDER the ensemble deals with divergent emotional behavior, subjective structures, and perceptual phenomena of introspection and extrospection which creates contrasting and contradictory spaces of intimacy and public.





Artistic direction: Barbara Fuchs
Electroacoustic composition:  Jörg Ritzenhoff
Performance: Odile Foehl, Pietro Micci, Ursula Nill
Lightdesign: Barbara Fuchs
Costumes: Odile Foehl, Barbara Fuchs
Technique: Wolfgang Pütz

Premiere: Fri, 17.10.2014, 20:00h

further performances:
Sat. 18.10.2014, 20:00h
Sun. 19.10.2014, 18:00h

Funded by: Kulturamt der Stadt Köln, Ministerium für Familie, Kinder, Jugend, Kultur und  Sport des Landes NRW, RheinEnergieStiftung Kultur 


Kölner Stadtanzeiger (21.10.2014) Nicole Strecker

Restless Neurons in the Wachsfabrik

Choreographers are the „brain“ of a production - and Barbara Fuchs symbolically puts herself in this role together with her composer Jörg Ritzenhoff in Cologne's Wachsfabrik. Both sit in a corner at a director's table: the nerve center for all procedures to come. Strings of cables lead to them from all over the room; at their other end dancers act as if they were cells attached to nerve cords. Fuchs and Ritzenhoff dedicate the third part of their trilogy to the world of „Dis_Order“: disturbances in the nervous system. The nervous system is staged here as a sound-movement installation which can never find rest. Fuchs includes microphone cables in the dance as if to create a kind of  „Cable Ballet“; these weave themselves together with the dancing bodies into inextricable clusters. This is poetic and aggressive; the same movement sequence can infer tender cooperation as well as stressful collapse. This choreographic fantasy about the incomprehensible context between neuronal cycles and mental experiences is indeed convincing. A few nerve fibers twitch - it must be happiness.


Kölner Rundschau (23.10.2014) Thomas Linden

The Jumble of Cables Creatively Sorted

Barbara Fuchs shows her new Production „DIS_ORDER“

The dance floor of Barnes Crossing has never before been so naked or plain. Barbara Fuchs has created her new production „Dis_Order“ directly on the wood panels. The vast surface of the floor reminds one of a computer board; this impression is strengthened by numerous cables which lead to small speakers, seemingly like neurons. The speakers and cables are continuously repositioned. The dancers (Odile Foehl, Pietro Micci and Ursula Nill) operate with precision and order which seems impenetrable from the outside. They could just as well be electricians or floor layers. While the choreography in its apparent efficiency unwinds, the room is filled with the electric-acoustic compositions of Jörg Ritzenhoff, in which bird twittering, coughing or humming merge into each other. „Dis_Order“ marks the end of the cycle „(Ge)-(Fühl)-(Los)“, which focuses on human affectations. After a surprising second production, this third part returns to a minimalistic severity. The ordering of the cables over the vast floor is not without humor, and the sparse Pas de Deux of Pietro Micci and Odile Foehl reveals a choreography with a fine taste of intimacy and distance. However Barbara Fuchs might have been more generous with her audience. A bit more emotional fire within the  guided storm of neural structures would have lent the production even more substance.