Barbara Fuchs, artistic director

In 2003 she began creating her own pieces as a free choreographer under the label tanzfuchs PRODUKTION. In conjunction with contemporary composer Jörg Ritzenhoff the artists proceed to the interface of acoustic, dance and sculptural aspects to establish new artistic spaces for dance. They press the reset button, seek for a new style and find the stimulus of the indeterminate body by the precise negation of the perfection. “So her last productions always were cleverly composed irritations of the perception which search for new perspectives on the...” says a dance reviewer in the brochure dance platform Germany in 2010.
Under this label she directed altogether 15 productions for adults and 5 productions for children. Since the beginning three core themes extracted from her work.
One focus is her soloistic work. Her first solo “double exposed“ was nominated for the Cologne dance award and for her next solo “the Dance Crime” she obtained the Cologne dance award in 2004 and was nominated for “Theaterzwang”. Then „VIA“ (nomination for Cologne dance award) and in 2008 “IT – Solo for one body” (nomination Cologne dance award), invitations to international festivals like J´amais vu (F), L1 (H), ARENA (young arts festival).
A second focus is placed on productions in collaboration with other professional artists. Like that the duets „EXITUS“ and „Below Zero“, the trio „Eavesdropping affaire Winkler“ and the quartette „White noise“. In 2013 she begins with „Moodswing“ for four performers in a three-parted cycle. In „UN-FEEL-LING“ the relationship between body, sound and affects in the context of intimacy and publicity are explored.
The third focus is placed on her pieces for the very young ones.
In 2009 Barbara Fuchs called attention in Dusseldorf at concert hall with her successful piece "skyblue", which is a work for the very youngest audience from 0 to 24 months. Her production „Headwalkers“ – a dance performance for children from 0 to 4 years, which both were invitated to westwind 2011, theatre-meeting of the children- und and youth theatre in NRW – whereby about 8 – 11 outstanding productions of the children and the youth theatre of NRW are presented annually.
In 2012, among others, she was invited for guest choreography at Comedia theatre in Cologne. There she had the premiere of her production „out of the house“ for children of two years in April 2012. In September 2012 the premiere of her production”Munch“ – again – for children from 0 to 4+ years took place in the context of the baby-festival at tanzhaus nrw, Dusseldorf.
In the springtime of 2013 she was invited to choreograph as a guest at the local theatre in Karlsruhe – the production „Frier, Schlotter, Schwitz“ for children at the age of 3 premiered on the 06th of April in 2013. Press-quotation of BNN, Torben Halama, 08.04.2013
The dancer and choreographer Barbara Fuchs is well known for her dance-theatre productions for the very young ones. With „Frierschlotterschwitz“ she was very successful in a stage play again.
Her education Barbara Fuchs received at Folkwang school in Essen with James Saunders and during a longer stay in N.Y. As a dancer she was a member of the company of Fey Faust for three years, she danced with Gabrielle Staiger, at the Maja Lex dance ensemble, Ingo Reulecke, Silke Z. and was engaged at Teatro Viriato in Portugal for two years, Companhia Paulo Ribeiro (touring shows through Europe and USA). In 2002/2003 she gathered comprehensive experience as a lighting and stage engineer at Consol theatre, Gelsenkirchen.
In 2006 she founded the choreographers network BARNES CROSSING in associating with Ilona Pászthy, Suna Göncü, Gerda König and Dyane Neiman.
From 2012 to 2014 she holds the triannual administrative support for her projects of Cologne.
Her pursuits were nominated and honored several times: Cologne dance theatre award, invitation to tanzstrasse, Bienaletanz nrw 09+ 11, 1. prize and audience award of the Szolo Duo Festival in Budapest, nomination Theaterzwang) and was invited to several festivals at home and abroad. Since 2009 she produces dance pieces for the very young ones – like for example „headwalkers“ in 2010 - performance for kids from 0 to 4 years which is a communal-production with the tanzhaus nrw, Dusseldorf (invitation to Krokus festival, Belgium, festival WestWind – theatre-meeting NRW 2011, duets Biennale Nürnberg ...)